01/26 | Aerial Video

Source & Equipment: 1440p   – Phantom 4.
Purpose & Post Process: This is one of our listings. Since the previous video came out so close to what I wanted I went ahead with our newest listing. One shot in particular was really shaky. I went way too hard on the control sticks (?) and ruined one of the best shots. Luckily before drones had gimbals on them I got down stabilizing videos pretty well.

The final clip in the video is going to be our new facebook header too! I’m sure I’ll update when that’s up.

Image quality is up over the previous video too. Turns out my export settings were way out of wack.

01/25 | Drone Shoot – Las Sendas

Source & Equipment: 3 Pic AEB RAW – Phantom 4.
Purpose & Post Process: More marketing photos. I did NOT mean to shoot 3 AEB. I like 5…. but these turned okay so I may have some experimenting to do. Sky color changed, some cropping because I was focusing too much on the grid lines when shooting, and I took almost all shadows out. Also it was recycling day. Blue bins gone (horribly – but the audience won’t be zooming in on edge streets). They were everywhere.

01/24 | Drone shoot and a new aerial video – Las Sendas

Aerial Photos –

Source & Equipment: 5 Pic AEB – Phantom 4.
Purpose & Post Process: These are marketing photos. Vibrancy and pop matter over reproducing the scene. Sky’s hue is turned extra blue. Lens flairs edited out

Aerial Video –

Source & Equipment: shot above 1080p, downsampled  – Phantom 4.
Purpose & Post Process: Marketing video.  Option for the realtor to insert their own branding at the bottom. Water mark so I get paid 😛 There is a black bar on the bottom of the video. I haven’t looked into it yet but for a final this needs to be fixed. I’m assuming one of the graphics I stretched the canvas. I’m not a fan of the graphic that is first used, not because it’s not awesome though. It’s because I’ve seen it everywhere. It’s a personal thing though and most people still like it so it’s good!