01/24 | Drone shoot and a new aerial video – Las Sendas

Aerial Photos –

Source & Equipment: 5 Pic AEB – Phantom 4.
Purpose & Post Process: These are marketing photos. Vibrancy and pop matter over reproducing the scene. Sky’s hue is turned extra blue. Lens flairs edited out

Aerial Video –

Source & Equipment: shot above 1080p, downsampled  – Phantom 4.
Purpose & Post Process: Marketing video.  Option for the realtor to insert their own branding at the bottom. Water mark so I get paid 😛 There is a black bar on the bottom of the video. I haven’t looked into it yet but for a final this needs to be fixed. I’m assuming one of the graphics I stretched the canvas. I’m not a fan of the graphic that is first used, not because it’s not awesome though. It’s because I’ve seen it everywhere. It’s a personal thing though and most people still like it so it’s good!